First author papers

Lisa K. Steinborn, Michaela Hirschmann, Klaus Dolag, Francesco Shankar, Stéphanie Juneau, Mirko Krumpe, Rhea-Silvia Remus, Adelheid F. Teklu: Cosmological simulations of black hole growth II: how (in)significant are merger events for fuelling nuclear activity?

Lisa K. Steinborn, Klaus Dolag, Julia M. Comerford, Michaela Hirschmann, Rhea-Silvia Remus, Adelheid F. Teklu: Origin and properties of dual and offset AGN in a cosmological simulation at z=2

Lisa K. Steinborn, Klaus Dolag, Michaela Hirschmann, M. Almudena Prieto, Rhea-Silvia Remus: A refined sub-grid model for black hole accretion and AGN feedback in large cosmological simulations

Co-author papers

S. Planelles, D. Fabjan, S. Borgani, G. Murante, E. Rasia, V. Biffi, N. Truong, C. Ragone-Figueroa, G. L. Granato, K. Dolag, E. Pierpaoli, A. M. Beck, Lisa K. Steinborn, M. Gaspari: Pressure of the hot gas in simulations of galaxy clusters

N. Truong, E. Rasia, P. Mazzotta, S. Planelles, V. Biffi, D. Fabjan, A. M. Beck, S. Borgani, K. Dolag, G. L. Granato, G. Murante, C. Ragone-Figueroa, L. K. Steinborn: Hydrodynamic Simulations of Galaxy Clusters: Scaling Relations and Evolution

Francisco Villaescusa-Navarro, Susana Planelles, Stefano Borgani, Matteo Viel, Elena Rasia, Giuseppe Murante, Klaus Dolag, Lisa K. Steinborn,Veronica Biffi, Alexander M. Beck, Cinthia Ragone-Figueroa: Neutral hydrogen in galaxy clusters: impact of AGN feedback and implications for intensity mapping

E. Rasia, S. Borgani, G. Murante, S. Planelles, A. M. Beck, V. Biffi, C. Ragone-Figueroa, G. L. Granato, L. K. Steinborn, K. Dolag: Cool Core Clusters from Cosmological Simulations

A. F. Teklu, R. S. Remus, K. Dolag, A. M. Beck, A. Burkert, A. S. Schmidt, F. Schulze, L. K. Steinborn: Connecting Angular Momentum and Galactic Dynamics: The complex Interplay between Spin, Mass, and Morphology

Remus Rhea-Silvia, Dolag Klaus, Bachmann Lisa K., Beck Alexander M., Burkert Andreas, Hirschmann Michaela, Teklu Adelheid: Disk Galaxies in the Magneticum Pathfinder Simulations

Michaela Hirschmann, Klaus Dolag, Alexandro Saro, Lisa Bachmann, Stefano Borgani, Andreas Burkert: Cosmological simulations of black hole growth: AGN luminosities and downsizing

Presentations/ Posters

The Interplay between Local and Global Processes in Galaxies (Cozumel, Mexico): AGN and their host galaxies

The X-ray Universe 2014 (Dublin): Modeling Active Galactic Nuclei in Cosmological Simulations