December 2016

Pressure profiles for cool-core (CC) and non-cool-core (NCC) clusters

This plot is taken from Planelles et al. (2016), analysing the pressure profiles of a sample of zoomed-in simulations of galaxy clusters. In this paper it was not only shown that the pressure profiles in general agree with observations, but also that the agreement with observations (in particular with Sayers et al. 2013) is amazingly good when we distinguish between CC (left panel) and NCC (right panel) clusters (see Rasia et al. 2015). The observations are shown in purple and green. Black dotted lines show individual simulated profiles of our runs containing the AGN feedback model from Steinborn et al. 2015 and the red line shows the mean of the simulated radial profiles (see  Planelles et al. 2016 for further details) .