Welcome to my homepage!

*** I’m back to work! ***
About my work:

I’m a PhD student in Astronomy at the USM in Munich, where I work in the Computational Astrophysics (CAST) group. My supervisor is Klaus Dolag and we work with a set of large scale cosmological simulations called the Magneticum Pathfinder Simulations. When I started with my Master thesis in 2013 we had the first cosmological simulations with a resolution high enough to resolve the morphology of galaxies! Right now we start to publish papers about these simulations (e.g. Teklu et al. 2015, Remus et al. 2015, Steinborn et al. 2016).

The topic of my PhD are black holes in cosmological simulations. I’m especially interested in improvements of the feedback and accretion model used in cosmological simulations since I found that it can have a huge effect onto not only black hole growth but also onto the host galaxy (Steinborn et al. 2015).

Besides coding I’m also very interested in the question what triggers active galactic nuclei (AGN). With our simulations we have the huge advantage that we can trace galaxies back in time. I found that especially the most luminous AGN are mostly triggered by major and minor galaxy mergers, whereas for less luminous AGN other triggering mechanisms get more important.


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